autumn 2024
END-3602 Modern Materials and Computations - 7.5 ECTS

Type of course

The course can be taken as a single subject. For students at the Master's Degree Programme - Engineering Design.

Students outside Master's Degree Programme - Engineering Design will need to be approved by the head of study of the Master's Degree Programme - Engineering Design.

Admission requirements

A relevant undergraduate Bachelor Engineering program with minimum 25 credits mathematics, 5 credits statistics, 7,5 credits physics

Recommended prerequisites: Materials selection in product design, PDE and FEM.

Application code: 9371

Course content

The course will give the students an understanding of modern materials and material structures, especially the sandwich structures, and applications of such. Analytical calculations of sandwich structures and numerical computations using the finite element method on different structures, systems and components are also important parts of the course.

In detail, the students will:

- learn about different types of modern materials and structures and their properties.

- design sandwich constructions; including calculate deflections, stiffness and strength, stresses and strains of a sandwich construction.

- analyze and implement inhomogenous material structures with special focus on periodic structures and perform numerical solutions for such structures.

- use the finite element program Ansys to analyze some engineering problems.

- calculate and compare analytical and numerical solutions, by using the finite element program Ansys, for different problems of interest.

Objectives of the course

After completing the course, the student:


  • has some knowledge within the academic field of mathematics, physics and engineering and specialized insight in a limited area within the field of engineering design (K1)
  • has some knowledge of different theories and methods in the field of engineering design (K2)


  • can analyze and deal critically with information and use them to structure and formulate scholarly arguments (S1)
  • can carry out an independent, limited research or development project under supervision and in accordance with applicable norms for research ethics (S4)

General competence:

  • can communicate extensive independent work and masters language and some terminology of the academic field of engineering design (GC3)
  • can communicate about academic issues, analyses and conclusions in the field of engineering design, both with specialists and the general public (GC4)

Language of instruction and examination

Norwegian (or English if international student attend).

Teaching methods

Regular lectures (may be in the virtual classroom by e.g. Teams and Zoom), project work and video lectures. The course will be lectured every year.

More information will be published in Canvas.

Teaching and Examination Language: Lecturing language is set to Norwegian unless international students are present. The report can be written in either Norwegian or English.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is open for inbound exchange student who meets the admission requirements. Please see the Admission requirements" section".

Master Level

Do you have questions about this module? Please check the following website to contact the course coordinator for exchange students at the faculty:

Deadline: 15th April



Examination: Date: Weighting: Duration: Grade scale:
Off campus exam 09.10.2024 14:00 (Hand in) 1/2 1 Semesters Passed / Not Passed
Oral exam 1/2 40 Minutes Passed / Not Passed
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More info about the assignment

A report based on tasks given in the course must be handed in electronically in advance of the oral presentation/examination, in order to attend the oral exam. More details are given in Canvas.

More info about the oral exam

Oral exam in groups or individual.

Re-sit examination

There will be no re-sit exam in the course.

Info about the weighting of parts of the examination

There will be a discretionary overall assessment where each part counts approx. 50 %.
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  • ECTS: 7.5
  • Course code: END-3602
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