Transitional scholarships for PhD candidates at HSL-faculty

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education invites talented researchers who have defended their PhD degree, or candidates who have submitted their thesis for evaluation at the faculty, in the period March 2nd through September 1st, 2023, to apply for a transitional scholarship.

You will find the announcement of the transitional scholarships translated to Norwegian here.

The scholarship is intended for candidates who wish to pursue a scientific career. Funds have been allocated for 4 transitional scholarships in 2023. Each scholarship is of 3 months duration and will be distributed to the best qualified applicants. If you are awarded a transitional scholarship, you will be employed in a 100% position as a researcher. You must be affiliated with your own department/center with a workplace at the unit. Scholarship recipients must participate actively in the research community's work and in relevant networks. Exemption from the requirement for workplace at your department/center may be considered in special cases based on a justified application and with a concrete plan for how active participation in the work and networks of the academic community will be fulfilled. The scholarship must be applied by the end of the spring semester of 2024.

Use the attached application form (in the right menu). The application must state why you are applying for a transitional scholarship, and you must present your plans for your further career. The application itself should have a scope of two pages. Enclose your CV and documentation for any academic written contributions beyond the PhD thesis and scientific production registered in Cristin (e.g., reports, conference papers, written dissemination, etc.). A recommendation/declaration from the supervisor regarding the candidate's research potential and assessment of the plan for the transfer scholarship must also be attached to the application.


The following criteria will be emphasized when assessing the applicants:

  • recommendation/declaration from the supervisor
  • passing time in the PhD study
  • research potential
  • quality of application, among other things plans for the transfer grant (and further research career)
  • plan for academic affiliation to UiT during the scholarship period
  • scientific production beyond the PhD thesis, e.g., documentation in Cristin (for the years from 2019 to spring 2023) or other academic contributions (conference etc.).


The deadline for applications is September 1, 2023. See attached application form. Applications including attachments must be sent to the faculty administration/HSL faculty by email to Senior Adviser Mayvi B. Johansen:

Frist: 01.09.2023
Telefon: +4777623139
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