Consultations, Indigenous Peoples and Business

The Centre for Sami Studies will arrange an international conference on Consultations, Indigenous Peoples and Business, in Tromsø, September 2016.Place: Teorifagbygget, Auditorium 2, House 1
Time: 19.-20. September 2016

The conference will address questions of interactions through negotiations and consultations between government, indigenous peoples and the industry sector.



Large extractive industry projects like mining, production of electric power, forestry and aquaculture may severely impact areas and resources used by Indigenous peoples and local communities. The increasing demand for energy and resources have fuelled the growth of extractive industries in all corners of the world, and the growing pressure to expand extractive industries across the globe leads to a concomitant pressure for access to Indigenous lands.


Overall aim:

The overall aim of this conference is twofold. First, we aim to compare the comprehension and application of consultations and negotiations in a Scandinavian and Canadian context as a way of decision-making in the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the nation-state. Second, we will look into the role and governance of business development across the Scandinavian and Canadian north in order to probe Indigenous engagement with resource management and development challenges.


Link to the program can be found on the top of this page.

Practical information:
ou can register for the conference by following this link:

Registration deadline: Thursday September 15th, 15:00.

Conference fee: NOK 1400,-

The conference fee includes lunch, coffee breaks and transportation between the hotel and campus. 

Conference Dinner 19th September 19:00 at the Radisson Blu: NOK 900,-.

Starter: 19. september 2016 kl. 09.00
Slutter: 20. september 2016 kl. 17.00
Hvor: Teorifagbygget, Auditorium 2, House 1
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: alle
Ansvarlig: Jørn Weines
Telefon: 776 46908
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