Take control of your PhD journey: Learn about open access publishing

How to publish your research open access - a beginner's guide
How to publish your research open access - a beginner's guid - See more at: https://uit.no/tavla/artikkel/430389/take_control_of_your_phd_journey_learn_about_ope#sthash.5LRbDI5i.dpuf
How to publish your research open access - a beginner's guide - See more at: https://uit.no/tavla/artikkel/430389/take_control_of_your_phd_journey_learn_about_ope#sthash.5LRbDI5i.dpuf

As a PhD student you want your research to be disseminated and made accessible to as many as possible. Knowledge  about open science and open access (OA) publishing is  essential if you want a further career in research.

The University Library invites all PhD students to a seminar on the advantages of OA publishing, both for you as a researcher and for society. The seminar particularly emphasizes on open access as compared to publishing with traditional publishers. You will learn how to evaluate OA publication channels to find high quality and suitable publishers  for your own work. You will also receive information about the UiT Publication Fund.

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The seminar is organized by Lene Østvand and Per Pippin Aspaas.

Light refreshments will be served during the break.

This seminar is a freestanding part of the seminar series Take control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing.

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19.05.16 kl. 09:15 - 12:00
TEO-H1 1.425
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