Brown-bag seminar: The indigenous communities in Mexico during the 20th Century. A cultural heritage.

Brown-bag seminar at the Centre for Sami Studies. Presentation by María-Fernanda González Rojas. Venue: Guovssu, TEO-H2.228, Thursday October 1st, 12.15-14.00

Venue: Guovssu, TEO-H2.228, Thursday October 1st, 12.15-14.00

María-Fernanda González Rojas is from Mexico, and has a bachelor degree in International Studies from the Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico. She holds a master in Education from the ITESM in Mexico and a master in European Studies from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She has worked in research and teaching for the following universities: ITESM and University of Monterrey in Mexico, Cambridge University in England, Harvard University – LASPAU in USA, Waseda University in Japan and Aalborg University in Denmark. Her lines of research and professional experience are connected directly with multicultural, virtual and international education. María-Fernanda is a writer, a teacher and a cultural entrepreneur with Compassport a business idea recently developed.

The topic for the presentation in her own words: 

We cannot comprehend the history of Mexico as a modern State without recognizing the presence of the indigenous communities throughout the last five centuries. A presence that has become a cultural heritage. What have been the main social, political and cultural events in which the indigenous communities have taken part? How can we define this presence during the last hundred years? Who are these communities? What kind of routines do they have? Where are they located? We will explore these questions and observe the case of Chiapas (south of Mexico) with detail.

Når: 01.10.15 kl 12.15–14.00
Hvor: Guovssu, Senter for samiske studier
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: alle
Ansvarlig: Kajsa Kemi Gjerpe
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