The event is organized by the FAKENEWS Project, the Constitutional Law Research Group and the The Grey Zone Research Group.

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Part 1: Broadcast link here!

09.15 Coffee
09.30 Welcome: Tore Henriksen, Dean at the Faculty of Law, University of Tromsø
09.45 Keynote speech: Oleksandra Matviichuk, Centre for Civil Liberties, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2022 (online)
10.15 ‘Speaking Through Ukrainian Art’. A film by Pamela Strandberg in collaboration with Albina Mahomedova, Copyright © Visual Anthropology UiT
10.30 Coffee break

Panel 1. Impact of Russia’s war on people, culture, and beyond


  1. Artem Galushko, UiT, Attacks on critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine
  2. Albina Mahomedova, Head of Ukrainian Association in Tromsø, Destruction and rebirth of Ukrainian culture during the war
  3. Marc Lanteigne, UiT, Geopolitics’ Revenge: The Upending of Eurasian Security since February 2022
12.00 Lunch break

Part 2: Broadcasting link here!


Panel 2. Hybrid warfare: weaponizing values, history, and information

Moderator: Marc Lanteigne, UiT


  1. Sergii Glebov, UiT, The Kremlin’s (il)Legal Warfare as a Non-Kinetic Weapon against the West, Ukraine, and the Rules-Based Order
  2. Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv, UiT, Lessons (so far) from the Russian invasion of Ukraine for understanding potential trajectories of war in the Nordic region (online)
  3. Kari Aga Myklebost, UiT, Weaponizing history: Russian memory policy as security policy
14.15 Coffee break

Panel 3. Why does justice for atrocity crimes matter?

Moderator: Sondre Torp Helmersen, UiT


  1. Nandor Knust, UiT, “In-Conflict Justice”: Transitional justice, its goals and relevance in an ongoing war
  2. Gaiane Nuridzhanian, UiT, Pursuing justice for atrocity crimes in Ukraine: it’s more than meets the eye
  3. Marie Vangen, UiT, The role of universal jurisdiction in achieving justice for atrocity crimes in Ukraine
  4. Gleb Bogush, University of Copenhagen, Breaking the Chain: Ending Impunity for Atrocity Crimes as Imperative for the Russian Society

Reflections on living in the war. Closing remarks by Oleksandra Hrebenshchykova, Scholar at Risk from Kharkiv, Ukraine