10:00 – 10:30 REGISTRATION: ILP Foyer


1.a. Heidegger and Nature ILP 1.042

Moderator: Jonas Jakobsen

The Part/Whole Issue in Phenomenology: an Ontological Perspective
Svein Anders Noer Lie, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Passivity as a Way to the Yet-to-be-Disclosed-Place of a Sustainable, Respons-i/a-ble Environment for Man and Nature
Martin Mølholm, Aalborg University, Denmark

Should We Stare into the Abyss or Build a Bridge across It? Situating the Heidegger-Sartre Controversy over Humanism against Blumenberg’s Historical Horizon of Technology
Sivert Vorren, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

1.b. Human Agency and Ethical Responsibility ILP 1.047

Moderator: Patryk Szaj

The Passivity of Time as the Autoimmunity of Ecopolitical Activity
Edvard Lia, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Moving Ice: Passivity and Glacial Placescapes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Alice Sundman, Stockholm University, Sweden

Passivity and Eco-Phenomenology in Andrey Kurkov’s Grey Bees
Shirin Parchami, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

12:00-13:00 LUNCH


2.a The Mind, Senses and Nature ILP 1.042

Moderator: Finn Thorbjørn Hansen

Can Music Listening Contribute to Nurture our Receptivity and Resonance with the More-Than-Human World?
Charlotte Lindvang, Aalborg University, Denmark 

Unconditional Given Naturalness
Thor Eirik Eriksen, University Hospital of Northern Norway

Don’t just do something – sit there! On the use and misuse of mindfulness in the environmentalist movement
Jonas Jakobsen, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

2.b. Human Body, Flesh and Nature ILP 1.047

Moderator: Petr Prášek

The Nature of the Body and the Body of Nature
Espen Dahl, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Navigating Marlow’s Philosophy of Nature in Heart of Darkness
Michael Heneise, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Towards Posthuman Futures: Passivity, Resistance and the Uncanny
Zlatan Filipovic, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

14:30-14:45 COFFEE BREAK


Moderator: Lisa Vargo

Love and Wonder as Key Phenomena and Gateways to Nature in the Apophatic Dimensions of Existential Phenomenology and Eco-Phenomenology
Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, Aalborg University, Denmark

A “Taste for the Infinite”: Passivity as a Lens to Interpret Place, Transcendence, and the Anthropocene
Forrest Clingerman, Ohio Northern University, USA

The Passivity of the Experience of the Anthropocene
Patryk Szaj, Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland

16:15-16:30 CAKE AND COFFEE

16:30-18:00 KEYNOTE I: SIMONE KOTVA ILP 1.059

Moderator: Cassandra Falke



10:00-11:30 KEYNOTE II: ARNE JOHAN VETLESEN ILP 1.042 (via Zoom)

Introduction: Thor Eirik Eriksen

Responder: Svein Anders Noer Lie

11:30-12:30 LUNCH

12:30-14:00 SESSION IV: PLENARY PANEL: ILP 1.043

Moderator: Edvard Lia

Keep Calm and Carry On?: Nature and Affect in Thoreau and Heidegger
Robert A. Winkler, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria

Wise Passiveness: Eco-phenomenological Receptivity and Human Impact
Cassandra Falke, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

Ecophenomenology and Passivity in Anna Barbauld’s “The Caterpillar” and John Clare’s “The Mouse’s Nest”
Lisa Vargo, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

14:00-14:15 COFFEE BREAK

14:15-16:15 PLENARY SESSION V: ILP 1.075

Moderator: Forest Clingerman

Be More Passive Than All Passivity
Petr Prášek, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences

Adjustment – Beyond Inertia and Conquer, or Heidegger on Being Used and Needed
Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj, Freie Universität Berlin and University of IT and Management, Rzeszow, Poland

Individuation and Passivity in Enactivism and Eco-Phenomenology
Maja Helle, NTNU, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Empathy for Plants: A Revised Phenomenological Account
Hayden Kee, Chinese University of Hong Kong

16:15-16:30 Cake and Coffee

16:30-18:0 Keynote III: Bryan Bannon: ILP 1.059

Moderator: Espen Dahl

19:00-21:00 Conference Dinner: Mathallen


10:30-12:00 Keynote IV: Michael Marder: ILP 1.042 (via Zoom)

Introduction: Michael Heneise

Responder: Robert Winkler

12:00-13:00 Closing Lunch (ILP 1.007)