Tromsø´s airport is close to both the conference hotel, Clarion The Edge, and the university campus, where conference sessions will take place.

From the airport, the hotel can easily be reached by public transit, airport bus or taxi:

 Public transit: The trip takes 15-20 minutes by public transit and costs 41 NOK. The bus stop is located about 2 minutes from the airport building: go out the main door, find the stairs leading down to the parking lot. Cross through the parking lot and go accross the road to the bus stop on the other side.

Buses nr. 40 and 42 can take you to downtown Tromsø, near the hotel. You can buy a ticket at the ticket machine at the bus stop with a bank card or you can download the Troms Billett app from GooglePlay or the Apple App Store.

To get from the airport to the hotel:

Bus 40: take it (mot Tromsø Museum via sentrum) to Bankgata

Bus nr. 42: take it (mot Stakkevollen via sentrum) to Nerstranda


Taxi: The trip takes about 10 minutes by taxi and costs around 300 NOK. The taxi stand is located directly outside the arrival hall.


Airport Express bus: Leaves from right in front of the airport and costs 125 NOK. You can find the schedule and pre-purchase a ticket here. Take the Express to Prostneset. The Edge is a five-minute walk from there. This bus also has a stop at the university (the stop is called UNN/UIT) if you are taking it directly from or to the airport. Note though that this route is less frequent. You can find the schedule here.



From the hotel to the university  

Take bus nr. 20 from Smørtorget or nr. 34 from Nerstranda. The ride takes 15 minutes. Disembark at the UiT stop. If you did not download the ticket app, you can buy tickets at the ticket machine in the bus stop on Fredrik Langnes gate, in front of the green KIWI shop.


Other Information

There is no need to exchange money before you come to Norway as you can use your bank card everywhere. Tromsø is 350 km above the Artic Circle. You may get to see the Northern Lights! Weather in late September can be quite cool (between 6C° and 10C°), and it can rain or even snow. Make sure you bring appropriate clothes.