Guided tour | Sami culture – past and present | Every Wednesday during summer

The Arctic University Museum of Norway displays two comprehensive exhibitions about the Sami people. This tour invites you to explore the history of the Sami nation, together with one of our skilled guides.

Learn about an indigenous people’s culture and way of life, shaped through a harsh northern climate over the span of thousands of years. Follow the history of the Sami people from pre-Christian times, throughout the changes and growth of society, to the continuous strive for their own culture and identity.

The tour is held in English every Wednesday at 1 PM from June 19th to August 14th, at the Arctic University Museum of Norway in Lars Thøringsveg 10.

If you would like to book a ticket in advance, please do so at Visit Tromsøs website

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Price: Adults 195 NOK / children under 18 free. Entrance ticket to the museum is included.

Photos: David Jensen / Jensenmedia

Når: 07.08.24 kl 13.00–14.00
Hvor: The Arctic University Museum of Norway
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne
Ansvarlig: Siri Asphaug Holmøy
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