Learn riso-printing while defending peatlands with slogan aesthetics!

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Power to the Peatlands!

In the framework of the exhibition Down in the Bog: Hibernation, you are invited to sign up to join a Riso-printing workshop in collaboration with Tromsøbased Mondo books. A selection of flyers, logos or images from this workshop will be proposed to be used by environmental organizations that are working with peatlands.

Interested? Please contact: post@ tromsokunstforening.no / subject line: Riso-workshop 4.4.24. Limited capacity

The title of the workshop, Power to the Peatlands, is inspired from and lent to, celebrate the excellent Conference in Antwerpen, Belgium which was realized in September 2023. The conference Power to the Peatlands hosted more than 500 peatland enthusiasts from over 40 countries.

'Attitudes to peatlands are changing. They are no longer seen as valueless wastelands, but are now appreciated as precious habitats that deliver significant ecosystem services. Peatlands have become key components in national and international strategies on biodiversity, climate change mitigation and water retention.' (https://sites.google.com/view/powertothepeatlands/home)

Mondo Books (Tromsø) is an independent book platform that mediates artists ́s publications through publishing projects, distribution, exhibitions, book fairs, workshops, launches and other events. They also pursue research-based projects around topics of printed matter and its relationship to social movements, in particular in the Barents region. Recently they hosted the first edition of the Arctic Art Book Fair, and will continue to support works of arctic content, with a focus on indigenous perspectives, under-represented voices and cross-border collaborations. Mondo plays an important role in both the local scene as well as on the national level, since it is the only independent art book platform and distributor in the Northern region. 

You find Mondo books at the Tromsø Kunstforening (Tromsø Center of Contemporary Art), for more information on past and present publications and projects please visit: www.mondobooks.no
Mondo is currently run by Tanya Busse, Marion Bouvier and Nicolas Siepen

Down in the Bog: Hibernation is an exhibition and a place for learning and sharing from peatlands around the world, arguing for the need of increased attention and care. Slowly growing, like peat forming, this is a project-in-process. The works on display, the discursive and live program, aim at large to give poetic, imaginative and dreamlike nutrition to more sturdy layers of awareness, knowledge and care. To together learn from the ecosystems of Peatlands. The project will continue its second chapter Sporulation presented at EKKM (Estonian Contemporary Art Museum) in Tallinn opening June 14th, 2024, to return to Tromsø in September with the third and deepest layer. The symposium Thinking with Peatlands is co-curated with Camilla Fagerli and will respond to the resonances activated alongside the forming of the previous chapters. Save the date for the 3 day symposium September 27-29, 2024.

Når: 04.04.24 kl 15.00–19.00
Hvor: Tromsø Kunstforening / Romssa Dáiddasiida, Mellomvegen 82
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne
E-post: karolin.a.tampere@uit.no
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