The Deep Sea as a New Geostrategic Ground: From the Arctic to the Mediterranean Sea, Growing Security Challenges for Europe

In light of Russia’s war in Ukraine and mounting geopolitical tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, undersea infrastructures face unique security challenges, whereas remote and harsh environments make them singular from a geostrategic perspective. Due to the concentration of these infrastructures, which are critical to Europe’s stability and security, the latter is particularly vulnerable.

In that context, deep sea infrastructures, such as underwater cables, oil rigs, and subsea pipelines, are vulnerable to physical damage from intentional sabotage. Also, cyber threats pose a significant risk as these critical infrastructures are increasingly connected to the internet, making them potential targets for cyber-attacks. Increasing acts of sabotage in recent years in the Arctic region and the Baltic Sea expose Europe to growing security concerns.

With the support of the Institut Français de Norvège, the seminar addresses geopolitical threats to deep-sea infrastructures in Europe’s strategic environment. In addition, the discussion focuses on the required efforts to protect and enhance these infrastructures in a volatile international system. As such, how can and should stakeholders mitigate these threats and ensure the security and stability of deep-sea operations?

Moderator: Larry Ibrahim Mohammed (PhD Research Fellow, ISV, UiT)


  • Florian Vidal (Research Fellow, ISV, UiT) : Introduction on the mounting strategic value of the subsea from a European perspective
  • Michael Delaunay (Research Fellow, OPSA, CEARC) : Submarine cables vulnerabilities, dual uses, and their strategical value in the Arctic
  • Maria Madalena Afonso Rolhas Fernandes Das Neves (Associate Professor, Norsk senter for havrett, UiT) - Legal challenges to protecting critical offshore energy installations, pipelines and cables
Når: 14.11.23 kl 09.00–11.30
Hvor: UiT, Campus Tromsø, SVHUM (E 0103)
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne
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