AVLYST FOREDRAG! Forskningsdagene (Lunch-performance): Wind Turbine Operations in Icing Conditions

Wind turbines are increasingly being planned and installed in areas where they are periodically subject to low temperature and atmospheric icing.

Many Arctic and Alpine regions have good wind resources, but icing on wind turbines has been recognized as a hindrance to the development of wind power in these regions. This talk by professor Muhammed Shakeel Virk, department of Industril Engineering, will give an overview about study of atmospheric ice accretion on wind turbines and wind energy in cold climate.

This lunch-performance is part of Forskningsdagene 2023

Når: 26.09.23 kl 12.00–13.00
Sted: Narvik
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne
Kontakt: Diana Santalova Thordarson
Telefon: 76 96 65 40
E-post: diana.s.thordarson@uit.no
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