Cracking the code of the Norwegian work Culture

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Cracking the code of the Norwegian work Culture is about all the new realities foreigners  face when trying to adapt to a new culture, language, country and most of all to new people. In this case, trying to understand the Norwegian work culture and blending in (or trying hard).

Lorelou Desjardin is hoping to give non-Norwegians a glimpse of what make Norway and Norwegians so awkward and so lovable; and to give Norwegians something to think about.

The seminar Cracking the code of the Norwegian work Culture invites both employees from abroad and those who are emplying them to a seminar to see what foreigners meet to cope with when starting workin in Norway. Lorelou Desjardin came to Norway already as a trained lawyer, and soon started the blog, where we now can find several articles commenting the peculiarities of the Norwegian culture in a humoristic manner. Her book "A Frog in the Fjord" is publised in many languages. 

The seminar will be a mixture of Lorelou talking about her experiences and conversations in smaller groups joining both foreign employees and those who are working to assist them at UiT.

After the seminar all are invited to a Guided tour at Mack in Tromsø at 14:30

Please click here to register for the guided tour at Mack  

Når: 13.10.23 kl 10.30–14.00
Hvor: 132 UB Aud
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Inviterte
Telefon: +4791662627

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