Space Physics Seminars

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Speaker: Lindis Merete Bjoland
Affiliation: Department of Physics and Technology, UiB
Title: Space weather with EISCAT_3D
Severe space weather events pose a risk to human technologies and infrastructure. To mitigate the effect of these events, it is important to understand and monitor the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interactions and dynamics. The ESA Space Weather Service Network provides a wide range of products for such monitoring of the space weather, and we are currently working on an ESA project to assess how EISCAT_3D can be utilized within this context to enhance existing space weather products and potentially develop new products. We will present preliminary results from this study where we highlight the space weather products to which we think data from EISCAT_3D potentially could contribute, and show a few examples of how we envision these products.
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Meeting ID: 651 2505 4729
Når: 15.06.23 kl 13.15–14.15
Hvor: Forskningsparken B284
Sted: Digitalt, Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter
Ansvarlig: Etienne Robin Victor Gavazzi
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