Applications of Mathematics in Physics and Cosmology// Academia Borealis

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Academia Borealis invites everyone to a lecture with professor Boris Kruglikov wednesday 1st of march at 7pm at the museum. Free entry. Welcome!

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Cafè Rotunden, The artic univiersity museum of Norway
Lars Thørings veg 10
Wednesday 1st of march 2023, 7pm

This is a popularized science lecture of general interest.
The presentation will be held in English, discussion in Norwegian or English.


Mathematics is known as the language of science. Nobel prize winner in physics Eugene Wigner addressed "unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences" and observed that mathematical structures help formulating physical theories and advancing in empirical predictions of experiments. In my lecture I will discuss applications of mathematics in physics and cosmology from General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics to modern physical theories. Among other things I will talk of the Nobel prize to Roger Penrose in 2020 and his Conformal Cyclic Cosmology scenario, a theoretical extension of the Big Bang model.

I will also discuss how this is related to conformal, projective and other abstract geometries that our group studies within GRIEG project SCREAM (Norway’s grant) in collaboration with the Center for Theoretical Physics in Warsaw ( I will briefly mention another project, where our group investigates complexity of mathematical structures, namely the UiT Aurora center MASCOT (

Professor Boris Kruglikov// Institutt for Matematikk og Statistikk, UiT Norges arktiske universitet

 Questions and debate. The meeting is open for everyone. Welcome! //Spørsmål og debatt. Møtet er åpent for alle interesserte. Velkommen!


Når: 01.03.23 kl 19.00–21.00
Hvor: Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, Inviterte, Enhet
Kontakt: Synnøve des Bouvrie
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