NORMEMO spring 2023 guest lecture: Memory diplomacy: Russian history as soft power?

Dr. Jade McGlynn: Memory diplomacy: Russian history as soft power?

In this lecture, Dr. Jade McGlynn will talk on contemporary Russian memory diplomacy and discuss its role as a form of soft power in Russian foreign policy. The lecture will provide a brief theorisation of memory diplomacy as an analytical concept, placing it within the context of Russian memory politics over the last decade. This will be followed by a discussion of the various types of memory diplomacy that can be discerned in Russian policy towards other states, as well as a discussion of recipient regime types and how this impacts the application of memory diplomacy. The lecture will also examine the role of local and non- or quasi-state actors and discuss how this might change in light of the ongoing Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
The lecture can be attended online or on-site at the University of Tromsø, Tårnrommet in Breiviklia, campus Tromsø. Welcome!

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William Bannerman from Glasgow, Scotland, and Jock Dempster from Dunbar, Scotland—World War II Arctic Convoy veterans—display their commemorative medals after they were honored by the Russian Federation in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on April 23, 2010. Foto: xxx
Dr. Jade McGlynn is an academic researcher and author working on Russia’s war against Ukraine, propaganda, and memory politics. Her next book, Russia’s War, due out in March 2023, discusses Russian popular support for the war on Ukraine. Her second book, Memory Makers, is out in June 2023, and shows how the Kremlin rebuilt a mythical past to justify a militant present. The latter book is based on a decade of research into Russian politics of memory, including McGlynn’s DPhil research, which she completed at the University of Oxford. She worked as a Lecturer of Russian at the University of Oxford, and a researcher at the War Studies Department, King’s College London as well as the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, USA. McGlynn also produces journalistic pieces and expert commentary on Russian politics and culture in a wide variety of international media outlets, including CNN, The Times, Deutsche Welle, The Telegraph, and The Spectator.
Når: 23.02.23 kl 14.15–15.30
Hvor: Zoom / Tårnrommet, Breiviklia, UiT
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, Enhet, Ansatte
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