Impact by targeted communication

In February, professors and doctoral researchers in Norway, Finland and Sweden are organizing a doctoral course that will be held in Abisko in northern Sweden. As a doctoral researcher from Arctic Graduate Schools at the universities in Rovaniemi, Umeå and Tromsø, you can sign up here.

Here you can read more and sign up for the course. Deadline January 29. 

Welcome to join an intensive doctoral course week at Abisko research station in northern Sweden. The course is jointly organised with professors and doctoral researchers from Arctic Graduate Schools at the universities in Rovaniemi, Umeå and Tromsø. We also particularly invite:

Under the overarching theme Communicating Arctic Research: the why and the how of science communication, you will learn why and how to communicate research for other disciplines and non- academians. You will be able to describe how science is used and valued in society and understand that different target groups expect different things from the research community, and how science is used as evidence in society's decision-making processes, for example in industry and politics.

You will develop tools to put your own research in a wider context for different target groups, including pupils, students, the general public, politicians and industry representatives. You will learn to creatively communicate research in a way that the target audience will notice, understand, remember and act on. You will learn how to make a communication plan for your own research, and why you should do it.

We will discuss the purpose of scientific communication in society, and what factors influence how (popularized) scientific communication can be designed, especially with regard to prior knowledge, experience, attitudes and beliefs.

Starter: 13.02.23 kl 09.00
Slutter: 17.02.23 kl 16.00
Hvor: Abisko research station, Sweden
Sted: Annet
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter
Kontakt: Michaela Aschan
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