Ecosystem-based management in the Arctic in times of conflict an Arctic Frontiers 2023 side event

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Jan Solski (NCLOS, UiT) Introduction

Raul Primicerio (UiT) Scientific knowledge-base for ecosystem-based management in the Arctic requires international cooperation

Gunnar Sander (NIVA) The Arctic Council’s approach to Ecosystem-based ocean management

Maria Das Neves (NCLOS, UiT) Implications of energy crisis and geopolitical tensions for ecosystem-based management of offshore extractive activities in Norway

Irene Vanja Dahl (NCLOS, UiT) Norwegian-Russian joint management of fish stocks in the Barents Sea – the legal perspective

Benedicte Nielsen (Norges Råfisklag) Ecosystem-based management of fisheries – practitioners’ perspective


The Arctic Council, primarily through the Task Force on Arctic Marine Cooperation and the SAO Marine Mechanism, aimed to facilitate cooperation towards the EBM. Although the focus on the EBM took place in the context of the overall vision of the Arctic as an exceptional region of peace and cooperation, the Task Force failed to deliver on its mandate to strengthen the institutional capacity necessary to implement the EBM.

With Russia, the largest Arctic State, engaged in a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and the other Arctic States supporting Ukraine through strategic assistance and the sanctions regime, the Arctic has become a region of animosity. Against this context, the main objective of the side event is to discuss the prospects of the EBM in the Arctic in times of conflict. What are the challenges for implementing the EBM in the Arctic, and to what extent do the geopolitical tensions exacerbate these challenges?

The side event will take stock of the cooperation towards the implementation of the EBM, its specific challenges, as well as the outlook on the prospects of the EBM from the vantage point of researchers representing different disciplines and practitioners. The discussions will touch upon the implications of the new geopolitical situation on scientific research and the governance of human activities. Specific attention will be given to Norway’s offshore extractive activities and joint management of fish stocks, both set in a new perspective by the current circumstances.

Når: 31.01.23 kl 11.00–12.30
Hvor: The Edge: Arbeidskontoret 2
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, Inviterte, Enhet
Kontakt: Jan Jakub Solski
Telefon: +4777644575

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