EMBO practical course: Advanced electron microscopy for cell biology

The Advanced Microscopy Core Facility at UiT is hosting an EMBO practical course in advanced electron microscopy for cell biology from June 27th to July 6th. 

This EMBO practical course offers the opportunity to acquire a portfolio of cutting-edge electron microscopy (EM) methods, allowing the participants to integrate EM tools and readouts into the workflow of their own cell biology research projects. The course focuses on teaching the theoretical background and the latest practical developments in the field.

Students, early-stage post-docs, and technicians are encouraged to apply.


Starter: 27. juni 2022 kl. 15.00
Slutter: 06. juli 2022 kl. 16.00
Hvor: Advanced Microscopy Core Facility, MH west
Studiested: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter
Kontakt: Kenneth Bowitz Larsen
E-post: kenneth.larsen@uit.no
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