Gender, coffee and waffles: Students discuss diverse gender perspectives on campus and beyond

This will be an event where UiT students and other community members will have the opportunity to meet in a more informal setting over coffee and waffles, to discuss the different ways in which gender is present here in our lives here on campus and beyond elsewhere in the world.

This event will be one of two panel discussions arranged as part of #GAW (Gender Awareness Week), kindly supported and funded by The Centre for Women's and Gender Reasearch, to talk about the encompassing theme of gender. 

Kjønn in Norwegian can mean sex or gender in English. In English, these terms mean very different things: Sex refers to biological differences and gender refers to socialy constructed differences. We are focusing on the concept of gender, that is the social component. Though we may not always be consciously thinking about it, gender is an important part of our daily lives and is also then present in our studies and research throughout academia. We have invited community members and UiT students who are researching, studying and/or are part of organizations that represent both diverse local and global perspectives to discuss how they encounter gender in their lives and work. 

Når: 02.03.20 kl 13.00–15.00
Hvor: SVHUM E105
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Studenter, Gjester / eksterne, Inviterte
Kontakt: Annabelle Yabsley
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