Skrivekurs for bachelor- og masterstudenter i geologi / Writing course for bachelor- and master students in geology

The main aim of the course is to enhance the capability of participants to write good scientific theses and reports of geosciences. The main target group of the course is master students, but it will also be a useful course for bachelor students.

The course emphasizes the structure of theses and quality of writing and dissemination with a view to improving readability. The course presents several tools that the students can use in checking the quality of the writing and avoiding plagiarism. Moreover, the course covers the revision and examination processes of master theses. Finally, the student will be introduced to UiT electronic archives in order to disseminate the theses.

Teaching method: Interaction methods + brainstorms using real examples from participants.

Course Material: The course materials will be sent by the teacher before course start.

Teacher: Tamer Abu-Alam,

Time schedule: 0800-1400, with breaks in between, including a lunch break around 1200.

Når: 29.04.19 kl 08.00–14.00
Hvor: NATURF 3102
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Studenter
Kontakt: Kai Mortensen

Frist: 26.04.2019
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