Trodde Du?

Utstilling: 'Trodde Du?' (Did you think?)

Studies show that we still think different about girls and boys when it comes to future careers. When children draw a scientist, they draw a man. Can we change that? Can we look at a girl with a teddy and think "She will become an engineer. Or a physicist. Or an arctic explorer".

The exhibition Did you think? shows 15 women and their professions at UiT. The exhibition is part of the 50 year anniversary and will be extended to 50 women in the fall. Come and see that girls can be anything they want! Online pictures can be seen at

This exhibition is a reminder to all leaders to pay attention to their female staff - they are just as amazing as their male colleagues. Join the exhibition with your own pictures of yourself or a great female scientist using hashtag: #didyouthink

Idea: Kathrin H. Hopmann (, Design: Torger Grytå, Photos: David Jensen, Jørn Berger Nyvoll, Financing: UiT anniversary committee, NT-faculty, Tromsø research foundation.

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Starter: 08. mars 2018 kl. 09.00
Slutter: 21. mars 2018 kl. 15.00
Hvor: Rådhuset i Tromsø
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