Law, Fragile Ecosystems, Indigenous Peoples and Natural Resources

The European University Institute, Florence, Italy, The Faculty of Law, University of Lapland, Finland and K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea at UiT The Arctic University of Norway i co-organizing a Conference on "Law, Fragile Ecosystems , Indigenous Peoples and Natural Resources". The Conference venue is Sala Europa, Villa Schifanoia, Florence, Italy.

This workshop will be combing cross-sectorial research fields which are suitable with terrestrial and marine dimensions, as well as for more abstract papers on assessment of the different legal regimes for the protection of fragile ecosystems, sustainable utilization of natural resources within and beyond national jurisdiction as well as the intersections between land and natural resource use, including indigenous people's rights.  The workshop will be divided into three main sessions. Session 1 "Legal aspects of the protection of fragile ecosystems", examines different types of environmental regulatory frameworks of marine and terrestrial ecosystems at international, European and national levels, their normative structure, content and effectiveness as legal governance tool(s), while taking into account the need to balance environmental, social and economic considerations. Session 2 "Cooperation, Common Concerns and Natural Resources " deals with the analysis of the peaceful management and utilization of natural resources which is a universal aspiration, but the principles and norms governing international cooperation over natural resources are often just as contested as the ownership of the resource itself. It also look at the resources of common concern of humanity and current debate whether they connote communal ownership or merely joint management of global commons. Finally, Session 3 "Governance of Indigenous People's Rights in the International Framework" examines the intersections between land and natural resource use, indigenous people's rights, and international treaty obligations. Specific topics might deal also with traditional knowledge or access to genetic resources.

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