Open Arctic: Arctic Film Night

As part of Arctic Frontiers’ ‘Open Arctic’ events at Verdensteatret two groundbreaking Arctic movies will be screened: Dreamland and Sea Blind followed by a panel discussion with their makers moderated by professor Michael Bravo.

Dreamland: Viewed through the camera lens of a philosopher, is inspired by a line from “Dreamland” by romantic poet Edgar Allan Poe “ a route obscure and lonely, haunted by ill angels only…” A journey through people-places in Arctic landscapes is made by the figure of a native anthropologist. She follows in the footsteps of many others, recounting experience. Viewers glimpse moments of a sublime, the subject of Poe’s poem. The movie gives form to hopes for futures different than pasts. An essayistic documentary in the form of a twenty-first century Arctic road-movie by professor Britt Kramvig (UiT) and filmmaker Rachel Gomez (Tromsø). Trailer:

Sea Blind: 90% of everything we buy comes to us by ship. Globalization and modern shipping has defined our age and yet we are blind to this industry. Container shipping is cheap and uses the dirtiest fuel on the planet. Because of Arctic melt, vessels will have access to a shortcut across the top of the world. Bernice Notenboom’s ski trip across the North Pole is interrupted by this fact. As her polar career ends a new exploration begins: To search out how the development of the Northern Sea Route and increased shipping will be part of the changing Arctic landscape and what this will mean to us. For Bernice it is like investigative reporting on Mars, the shipping industry is secretive, hard to believe and until now little regulated. A documentary by journalist Bernice Notenboom and filmmaker Sara Robertson (Arctic Bear Production).

In the following panel discussion lead by Professor Michael Bravo (Scott Polar Institute), you will meet the four filmmakers in addition to Professor Helen Verran, who takes on an additional narrating role in Dreamland.

The event is free and is hosted by Arctic Frontiers and the Arctic Governance research group at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway.

Celebrating the 10th Arctic Frontiers conference, Arctic Frontiers is proud to present Open Arctic, a new meeting place for Tromsø locals, students, conference participants and others interested in present developments and political issues in the High North. The debates, films, entertainment and talks during the Open Arctic events are free of charge and open to all.

Read more about the Open Arctic events 26 - 28 January 2016.

Når: 28.01.16 kl 19.00–22.00
Hvor: Verdensteateret
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: alle
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