What we offer

The Academic Writing Centre helps students with academic writing mainly through individual tutoring. If you want feedback on your text you can send a draft to skrivesenter@hsl.uit.no, and then you have two options: either arrange a time to get feedback in person or get feedback in written form through e-mail.

We are happy to help you with your master's thesis, but due to the length of the text we recommend that you send us one chapter at a time, and to allow ample time both for us to go through your text and most importantly, for you to rewrite the text afterwards. If you send us a 70 page thesis a week before your deadline, in the middle of the exam period, we will surely not have time to go through it, and you would not be able to benefit from the feedback given even if we did.

We do:

- Give feedback on texts regarding structure, argumentation, citation, formal requirements

- Help brainstorm a topic, develop ideas

- Provide support in the writing process

We do not:

- Proofread texts

- Rewrite the text for you

- Suggest grades for texts

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Come visit us at the library.

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Opening hours for fall 2019:

Monday-Friday 12:00-16:00