About us

The Academic Writing Centre at the HSL faculty was started in 2014. At the time the writing centre only focused on students on the master's level and beyond, writing in english. In 2015 the writing centre was expanded to include students on the bachelor's level writing in Norwegian as well.

Cathinka Dahl-Hambro

Cathinka is the academic leader of the Academic Writing Centre. She works mainly with Ph.D candidates and faculty members who write in English. She has a Ph.D in Irish philology/medieval studies.

Office: SVHUM A 

E-mail: cathinka.d.hambro@uit.no

Janine Tessem Strøm

Janine works at the institute for language and culture (ISK), both on the bachelor's and master's level mainly for students writing in Norwegian. She has a bachelor's degree in pedagogy from the University of Oslo, and a master's of philosophy in Peace and Conflict Transformation from UiT.

Office: SVHUM A1026

E-mail: janine.t.strom@uit.no

In addition to our fulltime staff, we have several tutors who are students at the MA level. You can drop by the Academic Writing Centre in the second floor of the main library in Breivika, Tromsø (KS library by the labyrinth). 


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