The UiT Writing Centre

About us

The UiT Writing Centre is a service for all the UiT students on all campuses.

Solveig Kavli
Solveig is the project manager of the Writing Centre.  She is an experienced supervisor in academic writing and has been tutoring students on all levels in information literacy and academic writing since 2005; First at UiB, then at  HVL.
Her background is from the humanities and she helds a cand.philol. from history of religions (UiB, 2001) and has worked as a research librarian and has dedicated her work on academic writing and the use of sources since 2003. Solveig was the former leader of the HVL writing centre in Bergen. 

Office: 243 


Aurora Martine Waaktaar
Aurora is 22 and comes from Bardufoss. She helds a BA in English language and literature from UiT and is starting up with her MAthesis in English literature. She tutors students on BAlevel.

Vilde Andrea Jenssen
Vilde is 23 and comes from Oslo. She helds a BA in regional planning and cultural understanding from UiT. She is now studying intellectual history at USN. She tutors students on BAlevel.

Hannah Amanda Lyche
Hannah is 26 år and comes froma Harstad. She has psychology for a year and is now on her fourth year in the teacher education 8–13 with the main subjects English and history. She tutors students on BAlevel.


Feel free to can drop by The UiT Writing Centre in the second floor of the main library in Breivika, Tromsø (KS library by the labyrinth). 


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