Welcome to the 27th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research! - #27thnordic

Pre-/Post-Symposium Activities

Recommended activities for those who want to experience the great nature of Alta. 

You can sign up for activities both on Monday 24th and the days before and after the symposium. Normally the weather is nice and stable this period. The temperature will vary around 0 degree Celsius. There is normally little snow at this time of the year so skiing would not be an alternative. Instead you could do trail biking and hiking. Below you see different alternatives, which will satisfy both those who want easy and demanding guided tours. Great sceneries will be the common factor on all tours. We can also recommend the pine three climbing park. The rumor says this park is great and unique. 

For those who want to learn about the local history and culture, including Sami culture and the World Heritage Rock Art Centre, we recommend Alta Museum. There is also a special museum focusing on the World War 2. The Nazis located one of their biggest battle ships in the Alta Fjord during the war. This ship was badly damaged here, before it was moved to Tromsø and destroyed.

Finally, yet importantly, Alta is a great destination for northern lights hunts. The first scientific northern lights observatory in the world was placed on the mountain peak Haldde not fare from the center of Alta. The observatory was built in 1899, but Alta was the center for northern lights research from 1838. You can still see the buildings and use them for shelter or an overnight stay. September is one of the best month for chasing the lights. After the reception 24 September you can book a northern lights tour.

Northern lights are free. Using a guide increases your change of seeing this celestial phenomenon. Moreover a guide provides you with facts and stories that increase the value of the experience, regardles of sightings or no-show. 

If you want to join a tour you need to book it directly on the companies websites.


Company web site/booking



Trail biking

Alta river trail

GLØD Explore


Bike 500.- pr day

3 hours


Canoe tour Alta river

GLØD Explorer


4 hours

Hike to Alta river canyon

GLØD Explorer


3-4 hours

Pine three climbing park

Sarves Alta


2 hours

Hiking, food and wine

Sarves Alta

700.- **

3 hours

Northern lights safaris 

GLØD Explorer


 On request

4-6 hours

Dog sledding (dog cart)

Holmen Husky Lodge


2,5 hours

River boat safari

GLØD Explorer


On request

2,5 hours

Alta museum and rock carvings

Alta Museum


As long as you like

Tirpitz war  museum

Tirpitz Museum Alta


As long as you like

*Including pick up from hotel.

** Including Food and a glass of wine at the peak with view of Alta town.

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