Welcome to the 27th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research! - #27thnordic

Call for Abstracts is now closed

Call for Abstracts is now closed.


  1. Coming to our senses in tourism?
  2. Tourism encounters in the sub-arctic North: Implications and dilemmas
  3. City tourism: Dilemmas and implications in destination development
  4. Implications of the circular economy in tourism
  5. The implications of sharing economy for tourism
  6. Interorganisational relations in tourism and hospitality
  7. Innovation and development of tourism and leisure activities in forests
  8. Innovation and entrepreneurship
  9. Human factors in the tourism and hospitality services
  10. Sustainable experiences in tourism
  11. Sustainable tourism growth in the Nordic countries
  12. Sustainable behavior in tourism and hospitality
  13. Limits to de-growth?: Dilemmas in tourism and de-growth in Nordic countries
  14. Wildlife tourism
  15. Safety and leadership
  16. Tourism education and provision of competence
  17. Conducting high quality tourism and hospitality research: Reflections and demonstrations of methodological approaches
  18. Conceptualizations: Blurring the boundaries of tourism practices
  19. Collaborative research methodologies
  20. Co-creational methodologies in tourism: Towards collaborative ways of knowing
  21. Advances in contemporary tourism public policy and planning research
  22. Transforming destinations: Tourism dynamics, governance and localities in change
  23. Indigenous entrepreneurship, indigenous knowledge and tourism
  24. Building shared knowledge for tourism development
  25. Cruise tourism and its costal sites in the Euro-Asian Arctic: Challenges and opportunities
  26. Tourism in coastal and marine environments
  27. Maritime tourism and sustainability: An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research agenda
  28. Tourism dimensions of water sustainability
  29. Advencements in event management research
  30. Food tourism: A nexus between authenticity and commercialization
  31. Gender in tourism
  32. Other themes 


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