Focal Point North: Network, indigenous institutions and knowledge production.

Markasami areas in southern Troms and Nordland

Some of the places the students visited. Click to enlarge. Map: Silje Sivertsvik

The excursion was completed in week 36 and went to Harstad, Sortland, Skånland and Evenskjær. In addition, there were a preparatory seminar at the university before the trip to introduce the students to indigenous issues in the region. The themes of the program this year was related to the meeting between the Vikings and the Sami, reindeer husbandry on Hinnøya, Sami institution building, cultural heritage and contemporary culture. Changing the geographical area has expanded our network and improved the contact with new institutions.

Pictures from the trip

The first year students at MIS are on an excursion in Southern Troms. Our first stop is at Trondenes museum in Harstad, where we're learning more about Sámi history in Ofoten and Hinnøya.

To kick off the second day of the MIS field school, we met with Ms Helene Berg Nilsen, the Mayor of Skánik / Skånland municipality. She emphasised the cooperation between the Sámi civil society organisations, the Sámi parliament and the municipality.

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