Globalizing Minority Rights


Spring 2021

9.6.2021 GMR Final Event will take place online (ZOOM) 9th June 2021, 14.00-18.00 (CET).The program includes paper presentations from Nadim Khoury (Lillehammer), Patti Lenard (Ottawa), Alan Patten & Shuk Ying Chan (Princeton) and Andreas Føllesdal (Oslo/Tromsø), as well as an informal conversation and e-wine about project outcomes. All welcome! []

Winter 2020

07.12.2020 PhD Defence, Kerstin Reibold: Indigenous rights, supersession, and moral status equality. Prof David Miller (Oxford University) and Dr Cara Nine (University College Cork) will be the 1st and 2nd opponent of the thesis. More information about the defence can be found here. Follow the defence online here.

Summer 2020

05.06.2020 [postponed due to Covid-19] Workshop with Jeff McMahan. GMR will be part of organizing a workshop with Jeff McMahan at UiT in cooperation with the Pluralism, Democracy and Justice research group and the research seminar of Philosophy Department (IFF). For more information: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

Spring 2020

13-15.03.2020 [cancelled due to Covid-19] International Conference: Global Structural Injustice and Minority Rights. Location: Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA. Keynote Speakers: Avigail Eisenberg, University of Victoria, Stephen Gardiner, University of Washington and Catherine Lu, McGill University. See CFP here.


Autumn 2019

21-22.10.2019 Workshop: Enduring Injustices and Truth and Reconciliation Commissions for Indigenous Peoples The workshop takes place at the Arctic University of Norway, Campus Tromsø. It brings together Sami and non-Sami scholars to discuss whether and how Truth and Reconciliation Commissions can help to overcome enduring injustices that indigenous peoples face from times of colonialism. A special focus lies on research focused on the situation of the Sami and the Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The event is co-funded by the GMR and the Society for Applied Philosophy (SAP). See the program here.

5-6.9.2019 International Conference: Indigenous land rights and reconciliation. The workshop takes place at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. It is co-organized by Kerstin Reibold, GMR, and Margaret Moore, Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity. The workshop analyses how questions of land, self-governance, and reconciliation are interrelated. It offers a forum for indigenous and non-indigenous scholars to cooperate and learn how to integrate indigenous methodologies and knowledge into discussions about territorial rights. Check here the official website. 

New podcasts from the Indigenous Land Rights and Reconciliation conference available. 

For more information, click here.


Spring 2019

25.01.2019 Book Workshop on Serena Parekh's new book: "No Refuge for Refugees: Ethics and Global Refugee Crisis". The workshop will be held at Northeastern University, Renaissance Park 909, with the participation of Eleni Coundouriotis, Jackie Reimer, Marina McCoy, Karine Blandel, Kathy Libal, Francisca Batault, Patti Tamara Lennard and Rebecca Riccio. For more information, contact Serena Parekh . 

3-4.04.2019 GMR Spring Workshop: The workshop will focus on conceptual and normative issues (WP1 & WP2) relating to minority protections in the global arena, with some emphasis given to equality of opportunity- and culture-based approaches to minority rights, integration, and social cohesion. Organizers: Annamari Vitikainen and Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Check the program here.

Autumn 2018

30.11.2018 Political theory of LGBTQ migrants and refugees, at the University of Ottawa. Confirmed speakers include Avigail Eisenberg (Victoria), Cyril Ghosh (Wagner), Matthew Lister (Deakin), and Christine Straehle (Ottawa). More information, incl. CFP can be found here. Organizers: Patti Tamara Lenard (Ottawa) and Annamari Vitikainen (UiT). See the program here. The workshop is preceded by a film screening and panel discussion on the challenges faced by LGBTQ refugees in Ottawa and around the world at St. Joe’s Parish Hall, Thu 29thNov 5-7.30. The short documentary, Rainbow Haven: Gambian LGBTQ+ Newcomers in Ottawa, is directed by Radamis Zaky. Zaky, Associate Prof. Annamari Vitikanen, and two LGBTQ+ Newcomers, Diane and Fatou, will be leading the discussion. This event is organized in cooperation with St. Joe's Refugee Outreach Committee & Rainbow Haven.

8-9.11.2018. GMR will organize its halfway project workshop at the Carlsberg House in Copenhagen. The workshop brings together members from all project work packages, as well as invited scholars. The workshop is organized in connection to the Pluralism, Democracy and Justice biannual political philosophy workshop the day before (7.11.). More information will be available soon. Organizer: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen. Check the program here


Summer 2018

14.06-15.06.2018. GMR Conference on Refugees and Minority Rights: Acceptable and unacceptable criteria for accepting/rejecting refugees in a non-ideal world. Keynote Speakers: David Miller (Oxford)Sarah Fine (KCL)Serena Parekh (Northeastern)Kieran Oberman (Edinburgh)Lea Ypi (LSE)Phillip Cole (UWE). UiT The Arctic University of Norway. For more information about the event click here

Spring 2018

05.03-07.03.2018. Pluralism, Democracy, and Justice research group and GMR, WP5 (Indigenous Issues) will host a workshop together at UiT. For more information, please contact Jonas Jakobsen, Annamari Vitikainen or Øyvind Stokke. See the full program here

17.02.2018. Nadim Khoury will hold a workshop for his book manuscript tentatively entitled Pasts Beyond Nations: A Political Theory of Narrative Negotiation. The book theorizes how enemy nations deal with, negotiate, and seek to overcome their conflicting national narratives. Using Israel/Palestine as his primary case study, the book makes the case for a post-national approach to narrative negotiation that reconfigures memory beyond its national mold. The workshop will be hosted at the Department of Politics at the University of Virginia (UVA). Anne Norton (University of Pennsylvania), James Booth (Vanderbilt University), Farid Abdel Nour (University State San Diego), and the political theory staff at UVA have been invited to comment on the manuscript. The workshop is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy (UiT), the GMR project (UiT), and the Department of Politics (UVA)".

Autumn 2017 

21.-22.9. WP 4 workshop on ‘Minority Rights in the Developing World’ at the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) in Uppsala, Sweden. (organizers: Sirkku Hellsten & Frank Abumere). See the program here.

21-22.9. WP 6 workshop on ‘Novel Perspectives on Integration: Prospects of Cosmopolitan Conceptions’ at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. (this workshop is organized by NOS-HS Exploratory Workshops on Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and Migration / funded by the Swedish Research Council. Contact Melina Duarte for more information.) See the program here.

24.-25.10. WP 1 & WP 3 workshop on ‘Conceptual issues and issues of implementing minority rights’ at UiT, Tromsø. (organizers: Andreas Føllesdal & Annamari Vitikainen; this workshop is joined with the Pluralism, Democracy, and Justice (PDJ) political philosophy workshop in Tromsø the day before (23.10.))  See the program here.

30.11-01.12. Sanctuary, Well-Being, and the Impact of DACA: Philosophical Perspectives on Sanctuary Cities Public Lecture by Dr. Shelley Wilcox Thursday November 30, 3:30 – 5:00 Northeastern University, Dockser Hall 230 Free and Open to the Public Workshop will take place on Friday, December 1, 10:00-5:30 Location: 177 Huntington Ave, Room 608 (Conference Room) Papers will be circulated in advance; free preregistration is required.

This is the first event in conjunction with the seed grant given by the Global Resilience Institute, for the project entitled, “Safe Places and the Politics of Fear: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of ‘Sanctuary Cities’” • Co-Sponsored by the Global Resilience Institute, Institute for Race and Justice, Institute on Urban Health Research, International Affairs, the Philosophy Department and PPE program, PHRGE/NEU School of Law and the Humanities Center, and the Norwegian Research Council.

Workshop participants on Friday, December 1 Patti Tamara Lenard Associate Professor of Ethics in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa. José Jorge Mendoza Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Serena Parekh Associate Professor of Philosophy, Northeastern University Adam Hosein Associate Professor of Philosophy, Northeastern University Matthew Noah Smith Associate Professor of Philosophy, Northeastern University Shelley Wilcox Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University For questions about the public lecture or workshop, contact Professor Serena Parekh 

Spring 2017

10.-11.6. 2017 'Democracy in Context: Contemporary Themes in Ethics and Political Philosophy V' -workshop at Longyearbyen Svalbard. The workshop is organized in cooperation with Pluralism, Democracy and Justice research group (UiT), Civic Constellation Project (Malaga & UiT) & Environmental Philosophy research group (UiT). For more information, contact Melina Duarte.

15.3. 2017 GMR Workshop: 'Normative Issues in Relation to Minority Rights and Globalization' at UiT, Tromsø. Confirmed participants in the workshop include:

Paula Casal (UPF-ICREA) 
Nils Holtug (UCPH)
Andrew Williams (UPF-ICREA)

Presenting a paper is not a requirement for participating in the seminar. Slots for presentations will be distributed prioritarily among GMR members and associates. For more information, contact Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen or Annamari Vitikainen.

Autumn 2016

Official launching of the Globalizing Minority Rights project (GMR) 

When:  Monday 7th November 2016, 13.00-17.00

Where: SVHUM B1005, University of Tromsø


13.00-13.30:  Opening addresses

Marie-Theres Federhofer, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education

Kjersti Fjørtoft, Head of the Department of Philosophy

Tor Ivar Hanstad, Leader of the Pluralism, Democracy and Justice research group

13.30-14.15: Globalizing Minority Rights: Cosmopolitanism, Global Institutions, and Cultural Justice

Annamari Vitikainen & Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Project leaders.

14.15-16.00: Keynote lecture

Collective and Particular: Can Minority Rights be Human Rights?

Professor Peter Jones, Newcastle University, UK

16.00-17.00: Reception at the lobby

The activity is open to all. No registration required.

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