GMR (2016-2021) project aims to develop a cosmopolitan approach to the conceptualization, justification, and implementation of minority rights, and to test this theoretical framework on three case studies: minorities in the developing world, indigenous peoples, and refugees." />
Globalizing Minority Rights

Working Packages

GMR is divided into six working packages (WPs):

WP1: Conceptual issues: Examines conceptual questions relevant for the understanding of different types of minorities and minority rights in the globalized world. WP leader: Associate Prof. Annamari Vitikainen.

WP2:  Normative issues: Explores normative bases for the justification of minority rights and the role of different agents of justice in global contexts. WP leader: Prof. Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen.

WP3:  Issues of implementation: Investigates possible and desirable means of implementing minority rights via regional and international institutions (such as UN and ECtHR). WP leader: Prof. Andreas Føllesdal.

WP4:  Developing World: Explores cases of conflicting rights, including gender perspectives and rights of sexual minorities in the developing world, especially in East Africa. WP leader: Prof. Sirkku Hellsten (in Memoriam) (2016-2018) and Dr. Frank Aragbonfoh Abumere (2018-2020). 

WP5: Indigenous issues: Investigates cultural minority rights of indigenous peoples, including collective ownership over land, especially in relation to the Sami people in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. WP leader: Associate Prof. Øyvind Stokke.

WP6: Refugees and Displaced Persons: Examines the cultural conditions affecting the integration and allocation of rights to refugees and stateless persons whose mobility across borders challenges the traditional scope of individual states. WP leader: Dr. Melina Duarte.

For more information about the WPs, please contact the WP leaders. 

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