Supervisors at UiT & Open Calls for Postdoc Applicants

Below is the list of UiT supervisors in the 2020 Arctic MSCA-IF Program. The list includes links to extended descriptions of the supervisors research field.



Description of research field

 Laura Janda 

 Cognitive Linguistics

 Marit Westergaard 

 Language Acquisition and Multilingualism

 Cordian Riener

 Mathematics, algebra

 Eelke Snoeren 

 Behavioral neuroscience

 Mohamad Mustafa 

 Engineering and renewable energy and electrochemistry

 Mikolaj Hernik

Psychology, infant social cognition

 Lokukalage Prasad Perera 

 Advanced maritime operations

 Young-Sook Lee 

 Sociology and Arctic Tourism

 Andrei Rogatchevski 

 Russian studies

 Sarah Martiny 

 Social and cross-cultural Psychology

 Pål Gunnar Ellingsen

 Physics and optics, remote sensing

 Terje Lohndal

 Linguistics, Multilingualism

 Anthony P Doulgeris

 Physics, remote sensing

 Hege Kristin Andreassen

 Gender, sociology

 Anne Håkansson

 Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

 Øystein A Vangsnes

 Linguistics, language variation and multilingualism

 Yulia Rodina

Linguistics, language
acquisition and multilingualism

 Ann Therese Lotherington

 Women's Studies, Gender research

 Jarad Pope Mellard

 Biology and Theoretical ecology

 Merete Anderssen

 Linguistics, language acquisition and multilingualism

 Gunnhild Hoogensen Gjørv

 Political Science

 Jana Jagerska

 Physic, Photonics

 Katrin Losleben

 Gender studies

 James Edgar McCutcheon


 Richard Engh

 Chemistry, Crystallography

 Gunnar Hartvigsen

 Health information, computer science

 Prasad + Riener

 Advanced maritime ship operations, algebra

 Gillian Ramchand

 Experimental Semantics



Any questions in relation to the Arctic MSCA-IF program can be directed to Theresa Mikalsen, SEFU


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