Tidlig intervensjon "Mestrende barn" (TIM)

Early Intervention "Coping Kids" (English)

This study aimed to investigate the effect of the intervention "Mestrende barn". An intervention for children who are sadder and more anxious than other children.

RBUP East and South, RKBU Mid and RKBU North were collaborating in this study. The early intervention – Coping Children (TIM study) concluded in 2022. A five-year follow-up study has been initiated and is currently underway.

The intervention has been carried out in 32 schools in Bærum, Ski, Skedsmo, Melhus, Trondheim, Bodø, and Tromsø and was aimed at children between 8-12 years old who were somewhat sadder and more anxious than other children and who had symptoms of anxiety and depression. Guardians and teachers were also included in the study.

The intervention "Mestrende barn" was based on the Coping Cat and Action programs. In the study, researchers wanted to investigate whether the intervention "Mestrende barn" helps children with anxiety and/or depression.

The study required that the children are assessed, and those who need further follow-up and collaboration with mental health services will be identified. The study was conducted at school, where the children were located. Group leaders in the study was recruited from various levels in the healthcare system and PPT.

Why interventions for anxious and sad children?

- Anxiety disorders are common, affecting up to 10-20%.
- The problems often do not resolve on their own.
- Can be a precursor to other issues.
- Negatively impacts other areas of life (academic, social, self-esteem).
- Depression is also common, 1-2% in children, 3-8% in adolescents.
- The incidence is increasing and starting at a younger age than before.
- An early depressive episode increases the risk of later episodes.
- Negatively impacts areas of life (substance abuse, academic, social, risk of suicide).

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