The Scandinavian Moment in World Literature (Scanmo)


SCANMO consists of two main projects

1. Henrik Ibsen – The Making of World Literature
This project is to result in an English-language monograph with a dual purpose. We will
deal with the originating culture of Ibsen’s drama, showing the resources of the periphery
and their importance to the evolution of his authorship and the development of modern
drama more generally. We will also analyze the early foreign appropriations of his works,
paying particular attention to the Englishing of Ibsen, so central to his continued position
as a leading figure of world literature/drama. 

Narve Fulsås
Professor of History, University of Tromsø

Tore Rem
Professor of British Literature, University of Oslo

2. The Book, the Reader and the Modern Breakthrough 
The ambition of the project is to investigate the growth of the Scandinavian book market
during the so-called “Modern Breakthrough” (the latter part of the 19th century), focusing
especially on the different aspects of the book trade: publishers and distributors, as well
as booksellers, libraries and reading societies. The project aims at identifying the readers
and to study how the new literature of the period was distributed between and within the
Scandinavian countries.

Maria Purtoft
PhD student, University of Tromsø

Henning Hansen
PhD student, University of Tromsø


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