Neighbourly Asymmetry: Norway and Russia 1814-2014

Book project: Neighbourly Asymmetry: Norway and Russia 1814 - 2014

The main outcome of the project, and our tribute to the anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, will be two richly illustrated volumes, adapted to a broad circle of readers.

The first volume of  this work will cover the period from 1814, when new Norway emerged as a separate political entity, distinct from Denmark, through the nineteenth century up to 1917, when Tsarist Russia crumbled. This book will be edited by Jens Petter Nielsen. The second volume, which will be edited by Sven G. Holtsmark, will deal with the period from the Russian Revolution, through the long Soviet epoch to the post-Soviet era, i.e. the entire time-span from 1917 until today.  

An editorial council with advisory and consultative functions, consisting of representatives from all collaborating institutions, will ensure high professional standards in the work. The books will be published in both Norwegian and Russian.

The editors have invited well-known and well-reputed  researchers to collaborate in describing and analyzing the historical relations between the two countries - from both a Norwegian and a Russian point of view.  In order to facilitate the scholarly dialogue and  to increase the awareness about the importance of the different topics,  the project organizes yearly conferences and workshops, where the contributors can meet and exchange ideas and expertise.

Jens Petter Nielsen Jens Petter Nielsen, Editor Volume I

As the editor of the volume, Jens Petter Nielsen, professor at the History Department, University of Tromsø, will be responsible for the overall contents. With his broad experience in the field of Norwegian-Russian relations he will cover a great deal of the topics and take care of the wholeness of the book.

Sven G Holtsmark, Editor Volume II
Petia Mankova,Editorial secretary and picture editor


Jens Petter Nielsen
Sven G Holtsmark

Editorial council:
Jens Petter Nielsen
Sven G Holtsmark
Vladislav Goldin
Alexey Komarov
Hallvard Tjelmeland
Rolf Tamnes

Editorial secretary/
Picture Editor

Petia Mankova

  Contributors to Volume I 

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