Verb Profiling Workshop

“A grammatical profile is the relative frequency distribution of the inflected forms of a word in a corpus” (Janda and Lyashevskaya (2011) Cognitive Linguistics 22(4)).

The Verb Profiling Workshop addresses the grammatical profiles of verbs and their relationship to categories such as tense, aspect, and mood. One of the projects presented at this workshop focuses on the grammatical profiles of verbs in four languages that differ in their morphological marking of aspect and Aktionsart on verbs: Czech (which marks aspect), North Saami (which marks Aktionsart), Russian (which marks both), and Norwegian (which marks neither). The four languages project is part of the “Birds & Beasts” project supported by the Norwegian Research Council and involves colleagues connected to the Russian National Corpus, the Czech National Corpus, and Giellatekno.

Preliminary program to take place in E0101 (Fakultetet for Humaniora, Samfunnsvitenskap og Lærerutdanning see this map):

Morning session 9:30-11:45

Presentation of verb profiles for

  • Russian (Olga Lyashevskaya, Hanne M. Eckhoff, Laura Janda)
  • Czech (Václav Cvrček, Masako Fidler, Hanne M. Eckhoff, Laura Janda)
  • Norwegian (Hanne M. Eckhoff)
  • North Saami (Jussi Ylikoski, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Hanne M. Eckhoff, Laura Janda)

Lunch 11:45-13:00 in the “Little Cantina” (for registered participants)

Afternoon session 13:00-17:00

  • “What Behavioral Profiles can(not) do for you” (Dagmar Divjak)
  • “Are syntactic alternations an epiphenomenon? A frame-semantic perspective” (Hans Boas)
  • “A Construction Grammar Approach to Perfectivizing Prefixation in Slavic” (Stephen M. Dickey)
  • “Verbs, Themes, and constructions: methods for measuring a verb's alternation strength” (Maarten Lemmens)

Dinner 18:30 at Aunegården (for registered participants)