Summer in Tromsø

Empirical Linguistics at UiT: Summer 2014

Three events in the service of empirical linguistics will take place at UiT The Arctic University of Norway in June 2014.

On June 18 we will launch the TROLLing website, a searchable archive of linguistic data and statistical code designed to support empirical research on languages worldwide.

On June 19 we will hold a workshop on the grammatical profiles of verbs based on corpus studies, with emphasis on morphological marking of verbal categories and the behavior of verbs.

On June 20-21 we will host the Kognitivt sommerseminar, the conference of the Norwegian Cognitive Linguistics Association (NORKOG). The working language for this conference is Norwegian (plus other Scandinavian languages).

NOTE: Be sure to book your flights and hotel early. Tromsø is a popular destination during the midnight sun season.