MARZymes - Activities

MARZymes participates at several meetings, seminars and conferences to present recent results. This page shows some of the activities where MARZymes researchers have been present.

Coming activities:

Previous activities:

Bioprosp 2013, February 20-22nd, 2013, Tromsø

NBS 2013, January 31st-February 3rd, 2013, Lillehammer

Norstruct seminar day, January 17-18th, 2013, Malangen

3rd Molecules for the future, 28-29th Nov, Umeå University, 2012

Seminar by Adele K. Williamson, SymbioticA, University of Western Australia

Project presentation by Christian Karlsen, Norstruct seminar, June 30th, 2012, Tromsø.

Project presentation by Gro Bjerga, Norstruct seminar, March 13th, 2012, Tromsø.

Project presentations by Adele K. Williamson, Norstruct seminar day, November 17-18th, 2012, Malangen. 

Project presentations by Bjørn Altermark, Norstruct seminar day, November 17-18th, 2012, Malangen.

2nd Molecules for the future, 24th Nov, University of Tromsø, 2011.

Researcher's Night, September 28, 2011, Tromsø.

MARZymes workshop 2011, Tromsø, June 16th, 2011.

Project presentation by Marcin Pierechod, Institute seminar, May 18th, 2011, Tromsø.

SEB 2011, BIT's 2nd Inaugural Symposium on Enzymes & Biocatalysis 2011, Dalian, China

Bioprosp 2011, February 23-25th, 2011, Tromsø.

NBS 2011, February 3-6th, 2011, Norwegian Biochemical Society, Tromsø.

Arctic Frontiers 2011 - Arctic Tipping Points, January 23-28, 2011, Tromsø.

Film making workshop, January 20-23, 2011, Young Scientist's Forum, Arctic Frontiers 2011, Tromsø

MARZymes workshop 2010 at Somarøy, Tromsø; December 15, 2010.

1st Molecules for the future, 24-25th Nov, Umeå University, 2010.

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