The Norwegian Physical Therapy study for Preterm Infants

Teaching/Presentations - The Norwegian Physical Therapy study for Preterm Infants (NOPPI)


Tordis Ustad: NOPPI-studien og General Movements, Preamturposten nr. 1 mars, 2014, s 20-21

Tordis Ustad: Early intervention to improve motor outcome in infants who are born premature. Journal club meeting, Modena Hospital, Italy, February, 2014


Gunn Kristin Øberg: Parental competency, Individualization and Quality of Movement in Preterm infants following Early Physical Therapy in the NICU, Invited Speaker Section on Pediatrics Annual Conference (SoPAC) 2013, Anaheim, USA, November 8, 2013


Tordis Ustad: The Norwegian Physical Therapy study for Preterm Infants. Individuelt tilpasset fysioterapi til for tidlig fødte barn på nyfødt Intensiv avdelingen og foreldremedvirkning: Effekt og erfaringer, Juleseminaret Sør-Trøndelag fysioterapiforening, November 27, 2012 

Gunn Kristin Øberg, Blanchard Y, Obstfelder A: Interaction, motor learning and self. Poster presentation, International Congress; Knowledge through Interaction: How Children Learn about Self, Others, and Objects, University of Heidelberg, Germany March, 1.-3. 2012


Tordis Ustad, Kaaresen PI, Jørgensen L, Labori C, Skattør M, Kvisvik I, Vågen RT, Fjørtoft T,   Øberg GK: The Norwegian Physical Therapy study for Preterm Infants. Poster presentation, 2nd Nationale Convention; Habilitation of Children, Trondheim, Norway, November 10. 2011

Organizer: Clinic of Rehabilitation, University Hospital North-Norway, Tromsø and University of Tromsø  
Presented by Gay Girolami, physical therapist and doctoral candidate in Motor Control and Learning in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrion at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. Her cllinical expertice is in the area of infants and children with neurological disorders and she is TIMP Co-Developer.

Tordis Ustad, Øberg GK, Kaaresen PI, Jørgensen L, Labori C, Alstad H, Skattør M, Kvisvik I, Vågen RT, Fjørtoft T : The Norwegian Physical Therapy study for Pretern Infants. Poster presentation, 23rd Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability(EACD), Rome, Italy June 8.-11. 2011






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