EURAXESS at UiT – working conditions, career and mobility

EURAXESS at UiT – working conditions, career and mobility

The University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) has participated in the European collaboration related to promoting researcher mobility and good working conditions for researchers since 2005, and in 2010 also endorsed Charter and Code. For UiT's efforts related to Charter and Code the European Commission granted UiT their acknowledgement and access to the HR Excellence in Research logo in August 2012.

The endorsement indicates that UiT is supportive of the European initiative and will strengthen internal efforts involving working conditions, career development and recruitment of researchers.

Working conditions, career development and recruitment

In January 2010, the University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) endorsed the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter and Code). Charter and Code covers 40 principles and demands designed to improve working and employment conditions for researchers and promote research mobility and research cooperation as a means of strengthening research in Europe, and it is in many ways considered as best practice within HR for researchers. Click on this link for further information about the implementation of Charter and Code at UiT.

About Charter and Code
The Charter and Code documents 

Action Plan for Charter and Code

UiT's first two-year Plan of Action for implementation of Charter and Code (2012-2013) was decided by the Rector and University Director on 15 June 2012. The plan of action has been updated in the spring 2014 for the second two-year period (2014-2015), and covers targets and measures/activities in the following four areas:

1. Management
2. Professional and collegial follow-up
3. Cooperation in the organisation
4. Recruitment

Implementation of Charter and Code
Plan of Action for the Implementation of Charter and Code at UiT 2014-2015 (Norwegian version)
Plan of Action for the Implementation of Charter and Code at UiT 2014-2015 (English version


Research mobility

UiT has been a part of the EURAXESS network (EURAXESS Services) since 2005. The network currently covers over 200 service centres in around 40 countries. The objective of the service centres is to provide assistance and information to researchers and their families during their stay in another country.

In Norway this work is coordinated by the Research Council of Norway (NFR), which is responsible for providing information on a national level, cf.: EURAXESS Norway.

At UiT an answering service has been established for mobile researchers, which is serviced by the Department of Human Resources and Organisation (POA) and the Department of Research and Development (AFU). Enquiries are answered within two days. The e-mail address for UiT’s answering service is:

- Research mobility (Dept. of Research and Development/AFU)
- Guide til forskningsopphold i USA (Note: document is from 2013, general issues are still valid, confer elsewhere for updates on visa etc.. In Norwegian)
Helpdesk for research mobility at UiT



Researcher recruitment

UiT has announced vacant positions on EURAXESS Jobs/the European Commission’s portal since the autumn semester in 2006. In addition to announcements of vacant positions for around 9,000 registered research institutes and universities, the portal also includes the CVs of over 14,000 researchers.

The units at UiT register their vacant research positions on the portal. A description of procedures for this work is available here.

UiT’s positions advertised on EURAXESS Jobs
- Registration of positions on EURAXESS Jobs (for employees)

News, current activities etc.

- Cultural Integration Survey (Indian and Chinese Researchers)

- EURAXERSS Researcher Skills for Career Development (PIPERS Project) - questionnaire

- New Guide til forskningsopphold i USA (in Norwegian only)

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