International Autumn School in Marine Biotechnology and Biochemistry Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Russia

International Autumn School in Marine Biotechnology and Biochemistry Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU), Russia

This is a collaboration project between UiT, PetrSU (Petrozavodsk State University) and the Institute of Biology, Karelian research Centre, The Russian Academy of Sciences (KarRC RAS), and will be financed by BarentsPlus (Barents Regional Scholarship Program). The goal is to organize an Autumn school within the topic: Marine biotechnology at PetrSU with teachers both from UiT, PetrSU and KarRC RAS.

Ekaterina Mishchenko on the RV Helmer Hanssen (2017) Foto: Klara Stensvåg

Based on the collaboration between UiT the Arctic University of Norway, PetrSU and KarRC RAS, and under the Regional scholarship program Barents Plus, an International school in Marine Biotechnology in semesters Autumn 2018 was organized.

Participants of the IasMBio 2018 in the national reserve Kivach, Karelia. Foto: Alexey Kupriakhin

It is planned to organize a similar school in November 2019.

The school will be held as a one-week course in PetrSU.

Educational programme will include lectures and a seminars (group work) in marine biotechnology and related fields, from fundamental, like biochemistry of aquatic organisms, to applied, like and novel technologies in cultivation and genetic manipulation of marine organisms. Teachers from both Russia and Norway would be involved. Scientific component would be supplemented with cultural programme (museum excursions and guided tours).

Students present their group work at IasMBio 2018, Petrozavodsk. Foto: Marte Strømmen

The Autumn course is suitable for Bachelor and Master students.

Certificate on the completion of the course is given.

Travel expenses and accommodation are covered.

Meals are included.

Study visa to Russia is free of charge (but service fee for the Visa Center must be paid!).

In 2019, the tentativ shcedule is:  Week 45 in November.

The last day of IasMBio 2018, PetrSU. Foto: Marte Strømmen

The project will cover expences for students for stay and travel.

Contact and responsible at UiT: Postdoctor/researcher  Ekaterina Mishchenko, Ph.d. (e-mail:, and consultant  and Trine Holm Larsen (e-mail:

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