VanProd - Innovation for Enhanced Production of Vanadium from Waste Streams in the Nordic Region, 2017–2020

In this project, our main goal is to develop vanadium recovery technologies for solid and liquid wastes, which are currently not utilized in Nordic area and additionally pose an environmental threat to the surrounding milieu. The specific aims are to:

  1. Characterize vanadium wastes in the Nordic region (chemical, mineralogical, and microbial properties).
  2. Optimize a methodology to determine the chemical speciation of vanadium in liquid waste streams and pregnant leach solution.
  3. Develop an innovative extraction methodology for vanadium from solid mineral waste with chemical and biological leaching.
  4. Develop vanadium recovery from liquid waste streams.
  5. Implement/modify the vanadium recovery system from pregnant leach solutions.
  6. Increase the competiveness of Nordic industries in the growing international market for clean technology that can be implemented by SME.

The main outcomes and expected impact will contribute to all three areas of sustainable development: the economy, society, and the environment:

Sustainable development benefits as a result of the VanProd project.

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