ViVaFish - Platform for Fish Virus Vaccines (2014-2018)

ViVaFish - Platform for Fish Virus Vaccines (2014-2018)

ViVaFish aims to identify specific functions of virus proteins and genomic structures important for vaccine development, including proteins involved in the attachment and entry of viruses.

The project will develop a tool-kit containing live attenuated virus vaccines and/or replicons for SPDV/SAV, IPNV, PMCV, PRV and ISAV. Together with traditional inactivated virus vaccines, these will be used to understand the elicited, protective immune responses. Furthermore,  the scientists will study how innate signals translate into protective immunity and how this can be exploited to design vaccines and adjuvants that promote long-lasting immunity and reduce side effects. Efficient viral vaccines elicit long-term antibody responses as well as T and B cell memory. Therefore, our goal is also to understand the diversity and specificity of the B and T cell responses in salmonids - to extend our knowledge about cytotoxic T lymphocytes and long-lived B cells. Molecular and functional correlates of protection important for vaccine development will also be characterized.

Contact: Jorunn B. Jørgensen, Børre Robertsen, Ingvil Jensen or Roy A. Dalmo.

ViVaFish - Platform for Fish Virus Vaccines

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