MARVAL - From unexploited marine biomass to high value products

The primary objective of MarVal is to convert largely uninvestigated marine resources into valuable end-products.

The focus of MarVal is on unexplored biomass from invertebrates and marine microorganisms such as algae.

Conversion procedures based on bacterial cultures will be developed, with the goal to identify and redesign the microorganisms and enzymes responsible for biomass transformation.


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Ansvarlig for prosjektet: Arne O. Smalås




November 2016

PhD-position available in MARVAL. Application deadline December 11th, 2016

Metabolic modelling of marine biomass conversion.

The PhD-student will have her/his main work within mathematical modelling approaches to analyse metabolic pathways of marine bacteria especially with respect to polymer production and degradation. The project will be performed in close collaboration with other research groups at UiT that are involved in e.g., the experimental approaches targeting relevant metabolic pathways or the theoretical analysis of catalytic mechanisms. Different methods including metabolic pathway analysis and ordinary differential equation based modelling approaches in combination with comparative sequence analysis will be used to analyse and integrate existing experimental data as well as data generated during the project.





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