SARP – The Sámi art research project

SARP sets out to attain new knowledge of Sámi art and to develop new theoretical perspectives about its relevant art discourses. Using interdisciplinary approaches grounded in ethical, historical and contemporary issues, the project investigates indigenous and non-indigenous art, theory and methodology. Other central topics ask how Sámi art and culture are parts of larger, circumpolar or international discourses, and how they work in ethno-political struggles.

Ikte, odne, ihttin av Gudrun Guttorm (Bredde: 560px)

Gunvor Guttorm, Ikte, Odne, Ihttin, 2001. Foto: RDM/Marvin Hope

SARP proceedings 2015

Seminar on Sámi Art, Wednesday, 6 May

Venue: Art history, TEO 4.475, the Non-experimental Science Building, UiT The Arctic Univeristy of Norway. The seminar will focus on contemporary Sámi art and conceptual, historiographical and methodological issues. See the detailed program as pdf-file.

Keynote speaker: Anne Heith, associate professor, University of Umeå, Sweden. Presentations by SARP collaborators at UiT The Arctic Univeristy of Norway.

Languages: Swedish and Norwegian.

NORDIC 2015, Reykjavik 13-16 May

Irene Snarby, Svein Aamold and Tone Tingvoll will present papers at the The 11th Triannual Nordik Committee for Art History Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, 13-16 May 2015, Session 1.5 "Resisting art world violence: Heritage and belonging in a post-peripheral view". One of the session managers is SARP-collaborator Charlotte Bydler.


The Sámi Art Research Project, SARP, is planning an anthology to be published internationally, in English, of the academic results of the project. The book will present art, duodji (handicraft) and architecture of the Sámi within contexts of the indigenous, the arctic, the European or other. The chapters will cover empirically based studies as well as discussions of methodological, conceptual or theoretical subjects.

The SARP anthology should appeal to an international, academic readership, such as researchers, lecturers, students, and the general reader, with an interest in indigenous and Sámi art, art criticism, art history, art theory, indigenous methodology, anthropology, cultural studies, arctic studies and Scandinavian studies. A central objective is to contribute to new perspectives of indigenous as well as art historical research. The anthology aims at an enhanced understanding of what it is that constitutes duodji, art and architecture as an on-going praxis, significant both within Sámi cultures and beyond.

We suggest three central focuses for the book. They may, roughly, be summarized in concepts of the ‘object’, the ‘institution’ and the ‘indigenous’. The former term relates to investigations into traditional and contemporary Sámi duodji, art and architecture taken as material or non-material, functional, aesthetic or other phenomena. The latter terms, ‘institution’ and ‘indigenous’, refer to a wide range of pertinent questions of the role of indigenous peoples on local, circumpolar and global arenas; of issues of cultures, visual studies, languages, oral traditions, literatures, etc.; and of political, social, economical or other topics concerning the arctic, its populations, nature, resources, and ecology.

Fritid av Lena Stenberg (Bredde: 280px)

Lena Stenberg, Fri tid, 2005. Foto: Tone Tingvoll 2009

SARP – norsk omtale

Forskningsprosjektet Samisk kunst har som målsetting å bringe fram ny empiri om samisk kunst og utvikle teoretiske og metodiske tilnærminger til diskursen omkring denne kunsten. Samisk kunst og kultur er del av kontekster knyttet til nordområdene, til andre ufolk og til ulike internasjonale forhold for øvrig. Prosjektet er tverrfaglig og i vid forstand basert på urfolksforskning og urfolksmetodologi. Det fokuserer blant annet på brytninger mellom fortid og nåtid, 'det tradisjonelle' og 'det moderne' og tar også opp spørsmål som gjelder etikk, estetikk, litteratur, filosofi, etnopolitikk og forhold mellom urfolk og ikke-urfolk.

Prosjektet ledes fra kunstvitenskap, Institutt for kultur og litteratur. Det finansieres av midler fra Norges forskningsråd og Universitetet i Tromsø. Det er knyttet tre Ph.D.-stipend og en postdoktorstilling til prosjektet. Dessuten deltar samarbeidspartnere fra andre universiteter og kunstinstitusjoner i Sápmi, Norge, Finland, Sverige, Danmark, Tyskland og Sveits.

Publikasjoner tilknyttet SARP:

Se enkeltmedlemmenes Cristin-oppføringer.

Ansvarlig for prosjektet: Svein Aamold

Project management, Art history, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Svein Aamold, professor (project manager)
Phone +47 77 64 67 49
Mobile phone (Norway) +47 977 83 901
Mobile phone (Spain) +34 627 559 307

Elin Kristine Haugdal, associate professor
Phone +47 77 62 09 16

Monica Grini, ph.d.-scholar

Irene Snarby, ph.d.-scholar

Tone Kristine Thørring Tingvoll, ph.d.-scholar

Postal address:
The Sámi Art Research Project
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Department of Culture and Literature
Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
NO-9037 Tromsø, Norway

Project collaborator, Faculty of Fine Arts, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Hanna Horsberg Hansen, associate professor

Phone +47 77 66 07 33  

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