Memory Politics of the North 1993–2023

An interplay perspective (NORMEMO)

NORMEMO open seminar, September 23, 2021

Introducing key topics and perspectives of the NORMEMO research project

In this seminar, three lectures shed light on contemporary memory politics and memory culture of the Second World in Russia and Norway, as well as on theoretical and methodological questions concerning how to study these issues. 



Olga Malinova, HSE, Moscow: Memory politics in contemporary Russia: the repertoire of a usable past at the federal and regional levels

Stian Bones, UiT, Tromsø: Reflections on WWII in Norwegian memory culture

Seth Bernstein, University of Florida: Digital Approaches to the Memory of the Great Patriotic War: Negotiating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods


Olga Malinova

Stian Bones 


Seth Bernstein