Summer Course “Introduction to the nuclear energy, nuclear hazards and radioactive materials management”

The Summer Course was organized at the Lithuanian Energy Institute, Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety, together with the Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Energy from the 15th of May to the 18th of May 2023 in online form.

In total, there were 12 Master's and PhD students from the ICONDE project in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Norway participated in the course. The participants originated from Riga Technical University (3), Kaunas University of Technology (5), University of Tartu (1) and Lithuanian Energy Institute (1). In addition, a PhD student from the National Technical University of Ukraine (currently doing an internship at Riga Technical University) and a PhD student from the Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (currently doing an internship at Tartu University) participated. A total of 12 course participants received Course Attendance Certificates.

A total of 7 lectures and 5 practical examples were presented during the course. The topics were presented by 6 experts from Lithuanian Energy Institute and Kaunas University of Technology. The test questions were sent to the participants every day before the start of the course lectures. Participants completed the test with answers and returned it immediately after the lectures. On the last day, the test and answers were discussed with the participants during the question and answer session.

The following lecturers were giving lectures during the three days of the course:

  1. Dr. Habil. Algirdas Kaliatka – Chief Research Associate (LEI), Professor (KTU)
  2. Remigijus Janulionis – Senior Research Associate (LEI)
  3. Gintautas Dundulis – Senior Research Associate (LEI), Professor (KTU)
  4. Inna Pitak – Junior Research Associate (LEI), PhD student (LEI+KTU)
  5. Andrius Slavickas – Junior Research Associate (LEI)
  6. Sahar Shirzadi Deh Kohneh – Junior Research Associate (LEI), PhD student (LEI+KTU)

In turn, the trainees provided a general evaluation of the whole course and a detailed evaluation of the lectures and practical examples. The participants evaluated the course and the benefits received very positively. The interest in all topics presented in lectures and practical examples was rated higher than "average". The content of all topics was rated as "balanced" or slightly higher. The level of didactics for almost all topics (or lecturers) was rated as "good" or very close to "excellent".

Overall, we are satisfied with the course and grateful that it was possible to hold this course as part of the dissemination of the ICONDE project.

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