2023-2024 Call for Proposals from the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study at UC Berkeley

Søknadsskjemaet for 2023-2024 utlysningen for The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study at UC Berkeley er nå publisert. Søknadsfrist er 3. april. Muligheter for finansiering er veldig gode!

The application form for the 2023-2024 call for The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study at UC Berkeley is now published. The application deadline is 3 April. This is an excellent external financing opportunity!

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Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study Foto: UC Berkeley
Portrettbilde av Bohus, Kata
Bohus, Kata kata.bohus@uit.no Seniorrådgiver
Portrettbilde av Hroarsdottir, Thorbjørg
Hroarsdottir, Thorbjørg thorbjorg.hroarsdottir@uit.no
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For nærmere informasjon og/eller hjelp til å komme i kontakt med potensielle samarbeidspartnere i Berkeley, vennligst kontakt Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir, leder for det norske Advisory Board for the Peder Sather Center.

For further information and/or help in getting in touch with potential collaboration partners in Berkeley, please contact Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir, head of the Norwegian Advisory Board for the Peder Sather Center.


The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study supports projects carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers from eight Norwegian universities. The Center offers grants between $10K and $25K. Funds are made available for two academic years.  

Grants can support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, activities such as PhD student exchanges, longer-term stays for Principal Investigators, the collection and analysis of data, and other core research activities.

Interested applicants should visit the Proposal Application Guidelines on the Peder Sather Center Website. All application materials must be submitted by the deadline of April 3, 2023.



Eligible collaborating applicants from both UC Berkeley and Norwegian consortium institutions must be in contact with one another prior to applying for funds, and have a letter of collaboration commitment signed by both parties. There must be at least one Principal Investigator from UC Berkeley and one from a Norwegian consortium institution.

Principal Investigators from UC Berkeley must be ladder-rank faculty (i.e. hold Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor titles); no substitutions may be made. Principal Investigators from Norwegian consortium institutions must hold the position of either postdoktor (on the condition that the individual is able to document consistent employment at the consortium institution for the duration of the project), førsteamanuensis or professor (i.e. hold positions equivalent to Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor titles in the US).

Members of research teams who are not Principal Investigators themselves can hold other positions such as lecturer, visiting scholar, postdoctoral fellow, or graduate student. In order to receive indirect funding, however, research team members must be affiliated in some way with the participating institutions. Non-affiliated team members are not eligible to receive direct or indirect support from the Center.

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Bohus, Kata kata.bohus@uit.no Seniorrådgiver
Hroarsdottir, Thorbjørg thorbjorg.hroarsdottir@uit.no
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