Prosjektansvarlig: Georg Sager

The time course of the presence of a drug in the body is dependent on uptake (i.e. from the gastrointestinal tract), the distribution (i.e. to tissues and cells) and elimination (i.e. through metabolism in the liver and excretion through the kidneys). In these processes several mechanisms are responsible for transportation, such as passive diffusion, facilitated (by a carrier) passive diffusion and active (energy-dependent) transport. We study two classes of transporters in this project: A) primary active transporters, foremost ABCC5 (MRP5), but also ABCC4 (MRP4) and ABCB1 (P-glycoprotein) and B) tertiary active transporter, primarily SLC22A7 (hOAT2) and other pumps of this class.

Our investigation comprises fundamental biology and pharmacology, but also aspects of clinical pharmacology and toxicology. There are two principal objectives: To develop safer drugs with high selectivity and specificity and knowledge needed for personalized pharmacotherapy (drug treatment).