Nenad Andjelkov, September 2007:
Opioid concept in human articular cartilage and chondrocytes: Expression and possible effect in cartilage-damagin states.
Main supervisor: Oddmund Johansen 

Gunnar Knutsen, May 2008: 
Cartilage Repair - The use of chondrocytes and bone - marrow cells in cartilage repair.
 Hovedveileder: Oddmund Johansen. 

Jan Elvenes,March 2010:
Biology of chondrocytes and chondroprogenitor cells during ex-vivo culture: Implications for tissue engineering and biological repair of cartilage defects. 
Hovedveileder: Oddmund Johansen. 


Khaled Meknas, May 2010: 
Retro-trochanteric sciatica-like pain. In-depth analyses of clinical symptoms, treatment options, histological and ultra structural findings in tendon biopsies. 
Hovedveileder: Oddmund Johansen.